What is Bella Freak?

Bella Freak LogoWhat is Bella Freak?

We’ve mentioned Bella Freak *a lot* on this website, and won’t be stopping any time soon. But what is Bella Freak?

Was Bella Freak a show? Certainly. Our acclaimed HLF-backed Fringe show, Unwritten, was promoted under the Bella Freak banner. But Bella Freak is something more. It was started as a response to the lack of physical access to cultural spaces and events, as well as a recognition that the lives and stories of a wide section of Scottish society goes unheard.

The brand-spanking new Bella Freak section of the DHS website can be accessed here, or from the menu bar at the top of every page. This tells you more about Bella Freak, and about The Case for More Inclusive Festivals and Events: Still Not There, Yet!, the Big Lottery-funded research report on disabled access to arts and cultural events in Scotland.

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