JUSTICE NOT CHARITY: Saturday September 30th, 12.00-2.30pm, Out of the Blue Drill Hall

On 25 April, 1920, 200 blind protest marchers organised by the National League of the Blind converged on Trafalgar Square as the House of Commons met to discuss legislation to help secure the economic and social rights of blind persons. Thousands of Londoners gathered to join them and listen to the speakers.

National League of the Blind March, April 25th 1920

The only surviving image from the National League of the Blind March, Sunday April 25th 1920. (From the Working Class Movement Library, image donated by Tony Baldwinson: http://wcml.treelinesoftware.com/our-collections/object-of-the-month/photograph-of-a-1920-national-league-of-the-blind-march/)


Justice Not Charity, Was Their Cry will explore the Scottish dimension of the 1920 National League of the Blind march by investigating Scottish popular press representation and archival evidence in the records of trade unions and blind organisations, and we’re looking for volunteer Citizen Researchers to assist the project and attend workshops over the next few months.

Workshops are meant to be fun, co-operative spaces where Citizen Researchers can report on their on-going results, troubleshoot problems with help from peers and workers. They can also spend the workshop time actively researching, especially if they don’t have the time or resources to do so at home. Depending on the needs of Citizen Researchers, workshops can also serve to make research materials accessible with volunteers and project workers reading or transcribing sources. Workshops can also be spaces to create art or other forms of creative engagement with the project.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, our project taster session will be held on Saturday September 30th, 12.00-2.30pm, at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall on Dalmeny Street, Leith. This will include:

• An introduction to Disability History Scotland.
• An overview of the history of the National League of the Blind march.
• An introduction to research techniques and historical resources.
• A Q&A session.
• Tea, coffee and lunch will also be provided.

To book a place at the workshop, click here.

For for any other queries, please contact Stuart Pyper at:

Disability History Scotland
4A Mitchell Street, Edinburgh EH6 7BD

0131 561 0030 / admin@disabilityhistoryscotland.co.uk

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