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Disability History Scotland is a disabled people’s organisation advocating the advancement of equality and diversity through the promotion of disability history, education and campaigning. We are committed to active participation, offering a view of history which includes disabled individuals and the many achievements they have made which, to this day, contribute to society.

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The history of impairment and disability, both in Scotland and globally, is the history of struggle against the Medical Model of Disability. This is the dominant model. Disabled people are seen as a problem to be “fixed” by medicine, surgery, therapy or special treatments. It becomes a personal tragedy when this does not happen. This powerful and pervasive view is reinforced in the news media, books, film, art and language. It is reflected in social policy and at every level of society.

Disability History Scotland has created three interactive timelines depicting disability throughout the years. These can be viewed by clicking on one of the buttons below:

Early HistoryScottish EnlightenmentCure, Containment and Curiosities